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Employer Trial Subscription

Open a corporate account with Scooch to test out the service for 1 month using the core rewards or modify a reward scheme to better suit your company's needs.

1 Month Trial Price

 £3.04 Employee Subscription 

(or prevailing exchange rate)


 Number of Trialling Employees 


 £0.50 Payment Fee 

(regardless of total price to cover payment processing)


 VAT @20% 


10 employees price is a total of £37.08 & includes:

  • planting 40 trees; &

  • feeding 40 villages; &

  • 40 days guide dog training; &

  • 400kg carbon eliminated; &

  • 10 employees each eligible for up to 12 prize draws.


If you wish to modify your reward scheme with vouchers or charity add on reward components beyond the core subscription then there will be added costs determined by the exact requirements.