Why the name Scooch?

Scooch [verb] [informal] Meaning: "to move"
Example: 'Scooch over.'
Scooch is designed for anyone that moves.

Is Scooch app free to download & use?

Yes - always.

Am I moving a healthy amount?

Medical experts recommend averaging 100 or more points (pts) a day to make each day card turn green in the dashboard of the app. This can be achieved walking 8000 steps or completing several hundred calories worth of exercise.
Note: 1 point equals 80 steps or climbing 2 flights of stairs or completing several calories worth of exercise.

Will Scooch app drain my battery?

No - there's virtually no battery drain. Scooch app connects to apps already on your smartphone recording data from your sensors.

Which smartphones & wearable devices can be used?

Smartphones: all iPhone & Android smartphone models supported by latest operating systems.
Wearables: Apple Watches, Android Wear Watches, Fitbit & Garmin devices.
(Plus you can connect Strava operating across any of these devices.)

Do I have to pick just one device to track all my movement?

No. You can use a Fitbit & an iPhone for example. Scooch’s clever tech figures it all out without duplicating movement credit.

Can I connect both my work & personal smartphone to Scooch?

Yes. Let's say you have a personal iPhone & work Android. You can connect Health app on iPhone on your iOS Scooch app as well as Fit app on Android on your Android Scooch app. This way your movement on both devices is captured without duplication.
Note: please connect your Fitbit/ Garmin/ Strava account to one Scooch app (on only your primary smartphone) because those cannot be shared across two Scooch apps despite being a single Scooch account.

If I have multiple devices won’t my steps be counted multiple times?

No - Scooch’s clever tech figures it all out without duplicating movement credit.

How can Scooch compare a run with a swim to climbing a flight of stairs?

Our proprietary science-backed algorithm converts all forms of physical movement into a common currency (called points) across most popular medically-approved devices.
Note: please be sure to use a heart rate tracking wearable with an exercise mode if you do various workout types (such as weights or runs or swims) so Scooch can pick up your active energy burn in order to score accurately.

What is a point?

A common currency of movement across all forms of physical movement.
Note: 1 point equals 80 steps or 2 flights of stair climbing or a several calories of a workout.

Why should employees sign up?

Scooch app encourages employees to maintain a healthy level of everyday movement which should add about 4 years of life & slash risk of the many chronic illnesses. Scooch works with employers to sponsor staff to earn weekly rewards by being physically active.

Are leaderboards & competitions available?

Yes - you can even trial a basic version of these features without a corporate account.

Is Scooch available outside of the UK?

Yes – we can service any country in the world with an English language version of the app. Scooch can add countries where the app is currently unavailable on client request.

Does Scooch abide by GDPR?

Yes – we designed the system from the ground up to tackle this requirement properly. Please refer to the Legals section of the website.

Why should employers sign up?

Scooch is the most flexible & affordable way to encourage all staff (not just a minority of already active employees) to be physical active however, wherever & whenever they like. Scooch works with each client to design & manage a bespoke reward scheme to fit every budget & culture. Staff love the service, employers build a culture of health whilst typically supercharging their CSR agenda. Scooch can also offer a healthy dose of positive PR by posting aggregated life-saving outcomes earned by staff being active through charitable rewards via social media.

What do employers pay?

After a free 4-week pilot period the only fee is £$€0.50 per employee per week. There's no hardware purchases, set up or other fees. For employee populations of over 250 staff please email service@scooch.co.uk for discounted enterprise pricing.

What is required of an employer to set up & manage Scooch?

Set up: a list of work email addresses to connect staff to their bespoke reward scheme.
Management: a periodic leavers & joiners list to keep the employee list current.

Can employer work groups & rewards be hidden from people outside the organisation?

Yes - by verifying a work email address staff access a restricted work area that's inaccessible to others on the app.

What rewards should employers offer to get the best results?

Scooch designs each reward scheme in partnership with every client to meet each organisation’s unique culture, budget & needs. Part of Scooch’s secret sauce is leveraging cutting edge behavioural science to make rewards widely engaging & addictive. Email service@scooch.co.uk to learn more.

Can an employer claim tax relief using charity rewards?

Disclaimer: Scooch must advise employers to seek their own legal advice.
Client UK offices eligible for corporation tax relief streamline this process significantly through Scooch’s consolidated charity invoice covering unlimited numbers of charities. Email service@scooch.co.uk to learn more.

Which charities are available through Scooch?

Any charity listed with the UK charities commission can be made available on client request, assuming that the charity wishes to receive donations free from fees & their banking costs paid. There is absolutely no cost for a charity to be a beneficiary of the Scooch platform. There are 50+ charities already available.

Can I ask to add a charity to the Scooch network?

Yes – provided they have an entity listed with the UK charities commission.
Note: most global charities have their UK charity arm listed with the UK charities commission.

Are there any charges for charities?

None - Scooch even pays the banking fees associated with collecting & transferring donations from employers in full.