Movement for good

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The problem

Very few employers have a physical wellness strategy that’s fit for purpose.  There might be provisions for a minority of gym goers but not all staff.  Some employers might run fitness challenges but these positively deter the sedentary staff that need support to keep active.

Does it need fixing?

Some employers are happy just to put a check in the box even if the provisions are not fit for purpose.  Afterall physical wellness plays no strategic role for a business, right?  Wrong.  People are probably a company’s most important asset.  A good physical wellness plan can offer productivity gains but also turbo-charge a company’s social impact, employee engagement plus provide a PR punch.

The solution

Scooch is a platform for business leaders that want to build a culture of health in their teams whilst positively changing the world for the better.  The service empowers employers to sponsor all their people to move a healthy amount every week.  Every move counts, from walking the dog, to all forms of workouts, rides, runs, hitting the slope & even housework.  As staff move they unlock charitable rewards with tangible social impact that meet their organisation’s community & environmental goals.  Most clients opt for Scooch to broadcast the fountain of good news stories their reward scheme creates via social media to raise awareness.  When staff reach healthy levels of movement, they are automatically enrolled in the weekly free prize draws to win jackpots across the growing network.