We believe employers & employees have incredible power to deliver extraordinary good.

Scooch releases this potential. Our platform converts metered units of every physical movement into 'units of good'.

We are taking this capability to help solve climate change. If the planet heats up past 1.5 degrees celsius, we are at risk of a mass extinction event.  Humankind needs to figure out how to capture 17 billion tonnes of carbon annually to stave off a disaster of our own making.

Planting trees & replacing carbon emitting processes with non-carbon emitting process are two simple yet hugely impactful ways to reach the target of Net Zero. With a live subscription & our app installed, metered steps, stairs, runs, rides & workouts are seamlessly & continuously converted into tree planting & carbon capture. Team plans can be opened & extended to fulfil additional environmental & social goals like feeding starving villages, days of guide dog training, days of clean water supply or money for a specific charity. Extensions are limitless. We’ll also post infographics displaying your team’s aggregated social impact on social media.

It’s this simple: more employees, more movement, more good outcomes.

We've got big plans to improve & evolve Scooch app but there's not a second to waste. Please tap Subscribe to join the movement.